Quality Policy - Brasa de Brazil
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Quality Policy

At Brasa De Brazil, our customers are the focus of our attention. We continuously stride to develop and improve with the intention to provide our customers the best. We are committed to following quality standards so that each experience at our restaurants is safe, memorable and unique.

We select our suppliers carefully and implement a self-control system (HACCP) followed daily by teams from each unit and monitored by an accredited entity which periodically audits the restaurants. Our restaurant managers are trained in the critical components of safe food handling by attending an in-depth Food Safety Training Program. All new employees participate in a "Safe Food Handling" orientation and are provided on-going food safety training.

We recruit teams of talented chefs and culinary professionals to ensure that food and beverages provided by our restaurants are unique, delicious and served with quality consistently. We believe that technique goes hand in hand with friendliness. We recruit and train teams geared towards hospitality and focused on customer service. Brasa provides personalized service to every guest.

Our menu is localized to suit the preference of our customers while maintaining authenticity of our cuisine. We continuously innovate and introduce new offerings. We provide a relaxed ambience perfect for all types of guests. The experience at Brasa is one to remember. Our management is committed to the implementation and continuous improvement of the quality standards.
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