The Experience - Brasa de Brazil
Your journey to Brazil’s most authentic flavors begins here!

The Experience

While Brasa de Brazil has a one of a kind ambiance and a beautiful setting that will leave diners impressed, however, Brasa de Brazil is about the unique authentic experience it offers to its customers. “Churrascaria” can only be experienced first-hand, and it can argued that by trying to creatively explain the concept through words is doing injustice to the concept! 01 — Welcome Enjoy our warm hospitality and get to know about the Churrasscaria experience from your host. 02 — Welcome Visit our gourmet bar to capture rich flavors of Brazil through a wide array of delightful side dishes, soups and salads. Also enjoy a fresh bread basket served warm at your table. 03 — Ready to Steak? Turn your marker green to signal our gauchos when you are ready to begin your meat feast. Don’t forget to order your signature beverage. 04 — Savor An endless parade of various fine cuts of meat from beef, lamb, chicken, turkey, seafood and other exotic varieties seasoned and grilled to perfection. 05 — When satisfied Turn the marker red until you are ready for more... 06 — Sweet Ending Save room for a mouthwatering range of desserts and finish off with our signature grilled cinnamon crusted pineapple.
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